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Ultra LED Units

The unique feature of the Ultra-LED unit is the ability to mount it in multiple positions within a frame. Choose to light from one side of the frame up to all four sides. The Ultra-LED is available in two output levels depending on the size of the frame and the brightness required.


Article number: BL927
LED Color Temp: 5000-7000k
Power: 24V
Warranty: 2 Years
Lumen per m2: +/- 3100 lumen

For use with Double Sided Frames

BL327 Ultra 3 Led Unit 2.7W 24V 5.9"
BL627 Ultra 6 Led Unit 2.7W 24V 12.2"
BL927 Ultra 9 Led Unit 2.7W 24V 18.5"

For use with Single Sided Frames

BL321 Ultra 3 Led Unit 2.1W 24V 5.9"
BL621 Ultra 6 Led Unit 2.1W 24V 12.2"
BL921 Ultra 9 Led Unit 2.1W 24V 18.5"
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